Why Move to Camberwell?

According to Wikipedia, Camberwell’s name is believed to originate from an old name of Cumberwell or Comberwell which meant “Well of the Britons”. An alternative theory is that the name means “Cripple Well” as people from the City of London with contagious diseases were sent here to be treated by the church and the clean, healing waters from the wells. Springs and wells are known to have existed around the southern slope of Denmark Hill.

Camberwell has a strong independent feel to it with many independent shops, cafes and restaurants. On Camberwell Church Street where our Camberwell Office is situated, there are a number of local cafes and local restaurants.

If you like Italian food, Caravaggio’s offer traditional Italian food. FM Mangal has been featured in Time Out and offers Turkish food cooked over hot coals. Silk Road is a small Chinese restaurant which has had good reviews in the press and gets booked up in advance.

Yukka Garden Café is a new café serving coffee and is a good place to have lunch. Falafel and Sharwarma is a local place which offers, well, falafel and sharwama. The Crooked Well is a good local pub which offers gastropub-style food.

If you’re into the arts, Camberwell has art galleries including the South London Gallery.

If you enjoy the outdoors, there are a number of parks in the area. Camberwell Green, which has recently been refurbished, is right near our Camberwell office. Camberwell Green hosts a village fair once a year.

Burgess Park to the north has cafes, a community garden, a fishing lake, outdoor gym equipment, a BMX Centre, an adventure playground and sports facilities for tennis, cricket and football.

Ruskin Park near Denmark Hill is a large Edwardian park which has ornamental gardens and sports facilities.

For transport links, Denmark Hill station is on the Overland Line. For the tube, Oval station and Elephant & Castle stations are a short bus ride or a long walk away. There are also numerous buses which take you into central London and a number of other places.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a property in Camberwell or the surrounding areas, please contact Brian Craig on 020 7703 5034 or bc@meaby.co.uk for timely advice.

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