Why buy a New Build home? Reasons to consider…

The last 10 years has seen a massive increase in the build and purchasing of new build properties in and around the country. Whether you are buying your first home, subsequent home or investment property, one question we are asked almost on a daily basis is “what are the benefits of buying a new build property?”

Although buying a new build home directly from a house builder/developer hosts numerous advantages in comparison to buying a second-hand home, the ultimate decision is yours as a buyer – ask yourself:

  1. Why am I buying a property?
  2. What type of property do I want to own?
  3. Do I want to renovate a property or do I want a property completed at a high standard ready for my use on completion

The following reasons on why you may prefer to buy a new build property may help you to make your decision:

  1. Most house builders/developers offer some kind of financial and non-financial incentives towards your helping you buy your newly built home. These can be a contribution towards your stamp duty and/or legal fees or additional white goods for the property. This is a very attractive incentive for buying a new build and is not something you would come across when buying a second hand home.
  2. Should you qualify, you could benefit from a range of Government Schemes applicable to new build homes and first-time buyers to aide you in being able to purchase a home. These schemes include Help to Buy Equity loan and Help to Buy ISAs and Shared Ownership Schemes.
  3. Buying direct from a house builder/developer means that the transaction is chain free. This can reduce any stress and uncertainty in comparison to buying a house with a chain when buying a second-hand home.
  4. New build properties are built to the strict conditions of planning permission and building regulations. You will receive a warranty from a recognised warranty provider for the build which usually lasts for 10 years from the date you complete your purchase, thus giving you added comfort that the property is structurally sound.
  5. New properties are built in line with the latest standards making them environmentally friendly and potentially making them cheaper to run unlike a second-hand property where you may have to undertake numerous works to meet basic standards.
  6. New properties are built to a higher specification than a second-hand home. They come with modern features including fitted kitchens and bathrooms and you have the advantage of being able to upgrade the specification and appliances at an additional cost and based on your own individual budget.
  7. You have the added advantage that the property comes as a blank canvass with you being able to put your stamp on it choosing your own design and style.

Meaby and Co have a specialist New Build Department headed by two very experienced and qualified Solicitors – Prabjoth Bassan and Senay Talat. Prabjoth and Senay have bought their passion of new build to their department and have National contacts which has seen their careers flourish over the years. Their dedication and excitement for helping buyers purchase their new home is evident in their work ethic and commitment to each client – they will be there for you along each step of the way and guide you through the whole process using their experiences and expertise – you will definitely be in trusted secure hands!


If you are looking to buy a new home or just want a chat about the process of buying a new build home contact Prabjoth or Senay at Meaby & Co for timely advice: pbassan@meaby.co.uk / stalat@meaby.co.uk or call 0207 703 5034.