Who and When to Instruct your New Build Solicitor…

So you have decided to buy and have reserved your dream new build home at your chosen Development. Congratulations!!

Now it is time to think about the legal part and to decide quickly on instructing a solicitor. Whilst the Developer can make some recommendations of expert lawyers the decision is ultimately yours. We may be one of the preferred solicitors for several Developers, however it is important to note that we do not work for them and that every Developer has their own lawyers acting on their behalf on the sale to you. We will always act in your best interest which is paramount to ensure you are receiving the best legal advice, guidance and customer service to see you through the process.

We are preferred New Build Lawyers as we can ensure that not only will you receive an excellent service to ensure a more efficient transaction, you will be using a solicitor that has extensive knowledge of new build transactions and ensure that you meet the exchange deadline set by the Developer. This is a very important stage of the buying transaction and part of the deal agreed between you and the Developer when you reserve.

So when is the right time to instruct your solicitor? As the Developer sets a tight deadline for exchange of contracts, it is important to instruct us as early as possible following reservation of your property as there are a number of legal documents and procedures that must be completed when buying a property. The faster the paperwork can be handled the more quickly you’ll exchange and be one step closer to your dream home.

Meaby and Co have a specialist New Build Department headed by two very experienced and qualified Solicitors – Prabjoth Bassan and Senay Talat. Prabjoth and Senay have bought their passion of new build to their department and have National contacts which has seen their careers flourish over the years. Their dedication and excitement for helping buyers purchase their new home is evident in their work ethic and commitment to each client – they will be there for you along each step of the way and guide you through the whole process using their experiences and expertise – you will definitely be in trusted secure hands!

If you are looking to buy a new home or just want a chat about the process of buying a new build home contact Prabjoth or Senay at Meaby & Co for timely advice at pbassan@meaby.co.uk / stalat@meaby.co.uk or call 0207 703 5034.