What to do when someone dies

You should consider the following:-

  1. Register the death
  2. Appoint undertakers
  3. The type of funeral service you require
  4. If you would like a remembrance book/record of attendance to be made and ask a friend or family to assist with this (NB. it is easier to do this at the beginning of the service rather than the end)
  5. What type of flowers you would like (if any) and contact a florist. The church can usually recommend someone they use.
  6. Where to invite guests for the refreshments
  7. Placing an announcement in the local and/or national paper, if so, which one(s). Make sure that there is sufficient time for the announcement to appear prior to the day of the service.  Usually the notice to the public will have basic information i.e. name, age, date of death, and you may consider a short message and an indication as to whether flowers, if any, are to go to the undertakers or whether donations to a particular charity should be made via the undertaker etc.
  8. Making arrangements for friends and/or relatives not in frequent contact with the deceased to be informed by phone, word of mouth or advertisements in the local press of the news of the date and location of the funeral.
  9. Transport to and from the church/crematorium/

It is prudent to check 48 hours prior to the burial/cremation that all the arrangements have been put into place so that everything goes smoothly at this difficult time.