The religious leader or person leading the service will contact you once they have been approached by your Funeral Director/undertaker (or occasionally your solicitor) to conduct the service. They will help you plan the service but thought should be given to the following:


Points to consider:-


  1. The appropriate hymns, pieces of music and readings, (had the deceased made any particular requests regarding these)?
  2. Would you like a tribute/eulogy?
  3. Who would like to contribute?
  4. Who would prepare it?
  5. Who would read it i.e. friend, relation, religious leader?
  6. Do you wish to have flowers in the place of worship?
  7. Do you require service sheets?
  8. You might like to have a record of who attends i.e. remembrance cards or sheets or a book for guests to sign when going into the place of worship.
  9. You could ask friends or family to assist generally in the seating arrangements
  10. Ask the religious leader to announce if donations are to be given to a particular organisation.
  11. Ask the religious leader to announce, if appropriate, if the congregation are invited to the burial/subsequent cremation (unless already occurred) and refreshments.


This is not an exhaustive list but outlines some of the main points to be considered.


There are some occasions when the deceased’s close relatives, or friends, may wish, for one reason or another, to have Meaby & Co assist with co-ordinating matters with the undertakers and to help with arranging the service.

It is prudent to check 48 hours prior to the burial/cremation that all the arrangements have been put in to place so that everything goes smoothly at this difficult time.