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    We represent couples looking to get married and venues that host weddings.

The Wedding Solicitors Legal Team is led by Lawyer Pranav Bhanot who has developed an expertise in the law relating to weddings.

Meaby&Co Solicitor’s Wedding Legal Team is able to offer expert legal advice across all aspects of getting married.

We help couples looking to tie the knot with all the legal advice they need around their big day as well as making sure that they have legally binding agreements in place should that they may wish to put to in place protections around ownership of their property.

And in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong on the wedding day we are here to offer expert legal advice on what your legal rights are and how we may be able to help you claim compensation.

For wedding venues, we can organise contracts to give you legal protection and to advise how to protect yourself if the event doesn’t go to plan.

And we offer a unique mediation service to resolve issues between couples, hosts and suppliers to help resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively. (Scroll down for more details)

Head of the Wedding Legal Team, Pranav Bhanot, said: ‘There a number of aspects to the law around weddings which tend to be focused on the couple’s big day. We have developed a huge expertise in this area whether successfully helping brides and grooms claim compensation when they have been let down to protecting wedding venues who have come under fire through no fault of their own.

‘House purchases aside, for the vast majority of people the wedding day will be the most expensive outlay of their lives and understand how emotions run high.

‘We are able to bring a calm head to proceedings to explain to couple’s what practical legal steps they can take to resolve outstanding issues. This is why we have also introduced our unique mediation service.

‘Similarly, for wedding venue owners and suppliers we understand the extreme stress that owners find themselves in if they suddenly face legal action. Our strategy is to put as many contractual safeguards in place as possible to protect wedding venues before any issues have arisen.’

The Covid-19 outbreak created a large number of wedding cancellations and meant many events being hugely restricted.

We were able to advise those getting married and the venues due to host the weddings what their legal rights and obligations were in light of the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Pranav was asked for his professional advice about What Rights Couples Have If They Need To Change Or Cancel A Wedding by the MoneySavingExpert website which is founded by personal finance guru Martin Lewis.

Here are some of the key areas in which we offer expert legal advice:

Whatever your legal query is regarding marriages and weddings we are here to offer expert advice.  Please do not hesitate to call us for a free, no-obligation quote ton 0207 703 5034 or fill out our contact form.

Meaby&Co Solicitors’ Wedding and Private Events Mediation Service

Weddings are stressful enough for couples and suppliers without having to worry about disputes leading up to or following the big day. Wedding related disputes can take up a significant amount of time, emotion and financial resource. Taking immediate court action to obtain redress can often be expensive and the parties are generally encouraged to try and resolve the dispute before a claim is commenced in the courts.

Our team of wedding sector specialist mediators can assist in wedding disputes available to assist couples and suppliers with a wide array of disputes in a confidentialprofessional, quick and cost effective manner.

Depending on the complexity and size of the dispute or claim it is possible for it to be resolved within two hours.

Examples of where mediation can assist:


  1. Business-to-business payment disputes.
  2. Business to consumer payment disputes
  3. Business to consumer supply of services disputes
  4. Business to consumer supply of goods disputes


  1. Disputes arising from your supplier failing to return a deposit
  2. Failure by a wedding supplier to deliver satisfactory goods
  3. Failure by a wedding supplier to deliver satisfactory services
  4. Interpersonal disputes between family members
  5. Interpersonal disputes between the wedding couple

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes where an intermediary helps conflicting parties have a dialogue to jointly resolve their concerns.

Mediators must be totally impartial which means they will facilitate the mediation in a neutral and impartial manner. A mediator is not an adjudicator and neither party will be forced into an agreement. The process is entirely confidential and so is the outcome. The outcome can be drawn up as a legal document or remain an informal document.

Please contact us to find out how we can help and we will be able to offer you a free, no-obligation quote. 

Call us on 0207 703 5034 or fill out the contact form.

Pranav Bhanot

Head of Wedding Law

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