Reputation Protection

We have a dedicated in-house media consultant to ensure that we are expertly placed to help protect your reputation.

We are very aware at Meaby&Co of just how important maintaining a reputation is for both businesses and individuals.

Everyone trades on their good reputation and so it is essential that if an issue ever arises you have access to robust, practical and up-to-date legal advice.

Such is our dedication to this service that we even employ an in-house media consultant who specialises in reputation protection.

When your reputation is under threat it is vital that you take immediate action and are able to consult with an experienced team to decide what steps to take. Very often an ill-advised response at the start of a potential reputational issue can set in train a series of events that exacerbate problems that are more difficult to repair.

Working with our in-house media consultant we combine superb legal and practical advice. Our experience and knowledge of the ever-changing media landscape means that we are able to offer the very best service to our clients. It means that we are often able to resolve issues without having to resort to expensive court actions but instead using our experience and contacts to shut down an unwanted situation.

We are renowned for our uncompromising stance when defending the good reputation of our clients.

How can our reputation protection & defamation solicitors help:

  • Preventing publication or broadcast of unwanted news articles.
  • Protecting the corporate reputation of small and large businesses.
  • Acting for high profile and public figures who are the subject of unwanted media interest.
  • Protecting individuals and businesses who are the victim of blackmail attempts and stings.
  • Obtaining High Court injunctions to prevent the publication or broadcast of unwanted information.
  • Helping news outlets in cases where there is a public interest.
  • Helping individual clients who have had private information or photographs published in newspapers, magazines, in TV broadcasts or online.
  • Repairing a reputation both in the mainstream media and online.
  • Helping to remove or limit unwanted and/or damaging online articles.
Olivia Cooper

Olivia Cooper

Head of Private Wealth & Family Office

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