Understanding the Conveyancing Process


Conveyancing is complex legal work. In England and Wales conveyancing of residential property are subject to a competitive marketplace. Solicitors fees vary considerably between firms. Some firms give competitive verbal fee quotes over the telephone however, individuals should only consider instructing a firm which has provided a detailed written quotation. At Meaby we have very experienced Solicitors who deal with all types of conveyancing transactions, staff who have a pleasant and friendly telephone manner and we provide good detailed written quotation information. Whether you are selling, buying, a first time buyer get in touch with Meaby & Co Solicitors to discuss your options.


Seller’s Solicitors Job

To provide Official Copies of the Register of Title which provide up to date information about the property. Prepare and provide the draft contract together with the Seller’s Property Information Form/Leasehold Information Form, Fittings and Contents Form and all guarantees, warranties, Gas Safe, electrical certificates and all other documents that are relevant to the property being sold. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) also has to be provided.


Buyer’s Solicitors Job

  • Examine contract and title documents.
  • Request any documents not provided and raise enquiries.
  • Receive and examine replies to enquiries.
  • Report to the Buyer with contract for signature.
  • Draft and prepare Transfer Deed, Mortgage Deed and Stamp Duty Land Tax Return forms for signature.

Protect the Lender’s interest by checking the Buyer’s identity, report to the Lender on title details, report any adverse problems to the Lender and report any change in property price.

  • Request the deposit from the Buyer and pay to the Seller’s Solicitor following exchange of contracts.
  • Obtain mortgage funds from the Lender.
  • Obtain balance of funds from the Buyer.
  • Pay funds to Seller’s Solicitor on completion.
  • Submit Stamp Duty Land Tax forms to HM Revenue & Customs and pay Stamp Duty.
  • Register transfer documents and Lender’s mortgage documents at HM Land Registry.
  • Collate all documents and send to Buyer.
  • Close Solicitor’s file and store.

Meaby & Co are lawyers experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing. Should you require advice on any aspect of conveyancing, including the above, please contact Marie Waters on 0207 703 5034.