Meaby & Co’s Head of Litigation, Chris Waters leads the defence for the Sanjay Shah Defendants in top 20 legal case in 2021

Sanjay Shah Law Firm
The Lawyer has now released its list of the top 20 cases of 2021.

In fifth place is Skatteforvaltningen (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) v Solo Capital Partners LLP and others which involves an allegation of a £1.9 billion tax reclaim fraud.

Meaby&Co is defending 27 Defendants including the lead Defendants in this High Court claim, the trial of which is expected to last an entire judicial year.

The Lawyer magazine collates its top 20 legal UK cases each year. The list is compiled on a combination of factors, including the value of the case, its complexity and its public importance.

Partner and Head of Litigation, Chris Waters, said: ‘The Lawyer’s recognition of this case as a top 20 case in 2021 affirms the size and scale of this litigation is such that it is particularly noteworthy”

‘As a boutique law firm we offer the highest level of service for our clients and this case is testament, once more, to the fact that clients involved in large, complex cases which are multi-jurisdictional can be very well represented by smaller, boutique firms.’

‘In the past five years, our litigation team has expanded significantly and we continue to build a reputation for representing clients in some of the most complex, worldwide proceedings”

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