Progress of the Domestic Abuse Bill

The Domestic Abuse Bill is currently at the report stage in the House of Commons.

The government has announced a complete overhaul of how courts will deal with domestic abuse cases, which includes the following measures:-

  • separate entrances, waiting rooms and the ability to give evidence from behind a screen for victims;
  • greater powers for the judge to make barring orders to prevent perpetrators from making repeated applications;
  • judicial continuity so that one judge can deal with all of the hearings involving a particular family, in order to reduce the number of times a victim has to give evidence;
  • a review of the presumption that a child should have contact with both parents – this needs to be balanced with the risk of harm to the child and other parent posed by continuing contact;
  • trial of a new domestic abuse court which adopts an inquisitorial, rather than the current adversarial, approach; and
  • better training for those involved in the family justice system.

Our Head of Family Law, Joanna Toloczko, comments:-

“These are all good ideas, but I wonder whether adequate resources will be made available to implement them. For years now applicants have had the ability to tick a box on the C100 form (the form used to start an application relating to children) to indicate whether they need a separate waiting area or other special arrangements, but I have never known a court to action that request even if the box has been ticked and full details have been provided”.

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