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Estate Agents

Our professional negligence team is expertly placed to take on cases against estate agents.

Buying or selling properties can be a stressful enough experience without being let down by an estate agent.

If an estate agent has been professionally negligent we are here to help to restore your financial position.

With a property law department behind us, our professional negligence team is expertly placed to bring a claim against estate agents.

Professional negligence claims against estate agents can be quite varied. Potential claims can include:

  • A property being marketed for sale at too low a price resulting in financial loss to the seller.
  • A property being marketed at too high a price which consequently prevents or delays a sale.
  •  An estate agent misleading a buyer causing financial loss.
  •  Estate agents stepping outside the boundaries of their professional competence by giving legal advice.
  •  An estate agent making errors in their role as a letting agent
  •  An estate agent failing to advise the clients about the changing property market.

Our robust approach backed by legal and practical experience means that we help to achieve quick results in a cost-effective manner.

What is Professional Negligence?

Professional Negligence put simply is where a professional adviser provides advice which falls below the standard expected of that adviser and as a result, you suffer a financial loss.

We are happy to consider all cases where negligence has occurred and there has been a financial loss.

What is the process for bringing a Professional Negligence Claim?

The first thing our team will do is to meet with you in person or hold a conference call by telephone. Our aim is to understand in brief terms, what you say has happened, why you say there has been negligence by your adviser, what the loss is you have suffered and whether you may have a claim against your adviser.

At this stage, we will ask you to send us documents to evidence the negligence. For example, if the claim is against a firm of solicitors we will request documents which evidences the negligent act; such as incorrect or inaccurate advice or a solicitor’s failure to comply with a deadline which had a detrimental financial effect upon you.

Once we have received this documentation we will then advise you as to whether we think you have a claim.

Funding a Claim for Professional Negligence

Having represented clients in Professional Negligence claims for over 100 years, we have an array of funding options available. These include:

  1. Conditional Fee Agreements (No win, No Fee)
  2. Damages Based Agreements
  3. Fixed-Fees
  4. Third Party Funding
  5. Hybrid Conditional Fee Agreements (Part paid, part CFA)
  6. Traditional Funding

We will advise you which option is the most appropriate for you in the circumstances.

Chris Waters

Chris Waters

Head of Litigation & Dispute

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