Preparing to sell your home – get Conveyancing Ready

We are often instructed by clients at the point they have accepted an offer on their property. It is not uncommon for clients to contact firms for quotes a day or two after a sale has been agreed and appoint a solicitor later that week. Once instructed, the solicitor sends out various property information forms which the client needs to complete and return so contract papers can be issued to the buyer’s solicitor. We typically receive completed forms back from our clients within 1-2 weeks of us having emailed them. This is, essentially, wasted time during which the sale is not progressing, and the buyer’s solicitor has not been able to review contract papers and order their necessary searches and raise enquiries. The result is often that the sale takes longer than necessary and, if repeated throughout a long chain, can cause significant delay.

We therefore recommend that prospective sellers obtain quotes and instruct a local solicitor at the point of marketing their property. This avoids delaying the sale and means you are in a position of not having to make a decision whilst under time pressure, particularly when the estate agent in pushing for solicitor details so they can issue their sales details to all parties.

In an effort to offer an ultra-efficient service to our clients and further reduce the time taken to reach exchange of contracts, our Dorking office has launched a Conveyancing Ready service for those clients who wish to instruct us before a sale has been agreed. Once instructed, we provide clients with all the forms they need to complete and return. This gives clients plenty of time to complete the forms and gather together any additional required documents such as certificates and guarantees for any works carried out to the property. Once the forms are returned to us, these are simply held on file until a buyer has been found. We are then able to issue a full set of contract papers to the buyer’s solicitor, often on the same day or the day after the offer has been accepted.

We offer all Conveyancing Ready clients a no obligation fixed fee quote at the outset and do not require any payment on account. If for any reason you do not find a buyer, we will not make any charge.

If you have any queries regarding our Conveyancing Ready service or any other aspect of residential conveyancing, please contact Stephen Carr on 01306 884432 or email