Manic Monday for Landlords

From 9am today (Monday) (T minus 2 minutes), the courts (after an almost six month Stay) will start to deal with residential possession proceedings including initially:

1. Issuing reactivated claims lodged but not issued because of the stay and new claims (NB the claimant must ensure that required notice periods have expired before the claim is issued; required notice periods can now be up to 6 months).

2. Serving claims.

3. Hearing stayed cases that had case management directions.

4. Hearing applications to stay or suspend a warrant or appeals.

5. Listing for Review both reactivated claims and new claims.

Please note the following key dates:

6 October 2020 – the earliest date for evictions.

19 October 2020 – first Review Dates for cases (the priority cases).

16 November 2020 – First Substantive Hearings.

Today may come as a welcome relief to some landlords who have tenants in breach of their tenancy agreements. However, the process to obtain possession of a property has become significantly more complex. Landlords and tenants should start getting used to the terms Reactivation Notices, Reviews, Covid-Markings and Substantive Hearings as these are now the new normal.

For assistance with claiming or defending possession proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact Pranav Bhanot in the litigation team at Meaby&Co Solicitors –