Living Will/Advanced Decision


An Advance Decision or “Living Will” is a document which states your wishes with regards to what types of treatment you do or do not wish to receive and who you would like to be consulted with regards to your medical treatment in the event that you are unable to do so yourself.


Only in the event that you cannot make your own decisions will the Living Will come into effect. It may help your family make decisions about your health care in an emotional and intense situation, as they will have some input from you. A Living Will also ensures that your doctor understands your end-of-life wishes and treats you accordingly.

Reasons for making a Living Will

  • Declining health
  • To designate a specific person to make health care decisions for you
  • The possibility of surgery or hospitalisation
  • Desire to state your wishes so that it is more likely that they will be performed
  • Diagnosis of a terminal condition

In recent times, Living Wills have tended to focus more on health outcomes, personal goals and patient values.

A Living Will might include the following:

– the details of the person you would like to make care decisions

– wishes with regards to life sustaining treatments

– issues regarding pain management

– express wishes of how you would like to be treated including any emotional support or religious and spiritual considerations

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