Shareholder and Boardroom Disputes

Boardroom and Shareholder Disputes

We use a combination of litigation, arbitration and mediation to ensure our clients get the best possible results.

We have an excellent reputation in helping to successfully resolve difficult boardroom and shareholder disputes.

Very often shareholder disputes can become particularly fraught, especially if there has been a breakdown in a business relationship or it involves conflicts within a family.

Our role is set up bespoke strategies for our clients that achieve their aims through a combination of options including litigation, arbitration and mediation. By creating an overall plan we can help de-personalise the process and create successful outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Throughout the process our-commercially aware solicitors act while being mindful of the overall need of the company that is at the centre dispute, whether it is a small privately-owned business or a larger PLC.

Our shareholder dispute solicitors specialise in:

  • Fraud disputes for and against directors, partners and LLP members
  • Earn out disputes
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties for and against partners, directors and LLP members
  • Director misfeasance claims
  • Breaches of shareholders agreements
  • Issues arising from the dissolution and termination of partnerships director disqualification claims
Chris Waters

Chris Waters

Head of Litigation & Dispute

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