Some Light Entertainment from the Bank Holiday Weekend

As a result of the horrible weather over the Easter holiday, I spent most of my time watching The Crown and reading a novel by Amanda Craig called The Lie of the Land. They both featured family law issues.

The Crown did not shy away from portraying the problems that had arisen in the marriage between the Queen and Prince Philip at various points. The interesting thing was that they both accepted that divorce would never be a possible outcome for them. Did that mean that they worked harder to make their marriage a success or did it mean that one or both them was forced to overlook unacceptable behaviour on the part of the other? What are the lines that should not be crossed in a marriage? Have they changed over the decades?

The Lie of the Land was essentially a murder mystery and a black comedy, but it also featured a theme about marriage – what makes a successful marriage? Is it better to forgive some transgressions for the sake of the family? What are the compromises that are worth making? It also explores the relationship between money and marriage.

The book tells the stories of Quentin and Lottie who both lost their jobs in the recession and cannot afford to divorce; the ageing rock star Gore Tore married to a beautiful and much younger Australian woman who has a lover in her homeland; the sheep-farmer’s wife, Sally who has resigned herself to the fact that she has just not been lucky enough to have children until she finds a letter from a clinic to her husband about his infertility.

The novel revolves around the plot of who killed Oliver Randall and why did they decapitate the body? It turns out that the murderer is the mother of Oliver’s  daughter, Dawn. Oliver refused to marry her when she discovered she was pregnant so she didn’t name him on Dawn’s birth certificate. He moved to Devon to be close to them and started to see Dawn in secret, but the mother was insanely (literally) jealous of their relationship and terminated it by killing him. Although the novel was hugely entertaining, as a family lawyer, I couldn’t help but think that Oliver would have been better off applying to the Family Court for Parental Responsibility and a Child Arrangements Order!

On a more serious note, if you are experiencing problems in your relationship, but you are not sure whether you have reached the point where you are sure that you want to bring the relationship to an end, and you would like some initial advice, please do not hesitate to contact me for a relaxed and understanding consultation. Many of my clients come to see me for advice prior to making the final decision – some instruct me to proceed straight away; some take time to make up their minds and others decide not to proceed. I always take things at the client’s chosen pace.

For queries relating to Family Law please contact Joanna Toloczko at Meaby&Co on or call 020 7703 5034.

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