Invitation to a free webinar on the subject of Redundancy


Steven Eckett, Partner and Head of Employment here at Meaby & Co will be co-presenting a webinar on the subject of Redundancy.  This is of course a subject that is affecting many businesses and individuals at the moment as a consequence of the impact of Covid-19 since lockdown, and its effect on the wider economy.

The webinar looks at restructuring, how to implement redundancies, and what happens after the act of redundancy.   The webinar is also aimed at providing helpful advice, resources and tools to assist you through the challenges that you are likely to experience whether you are an employer or an employee.

We will look at various areas for example best practices, procedures and legal requirements, but will also focus on the impact on the redundant employee and what they can do from a positive perspective.  Useful case studies will also feature.

During the webinar we will be looking at the following:-

  • What is the difference between restructuring and redundancies?
  • What is redundancy and how does it arise?
  • What do I need to look at as an employer when implementing redundancies?
  • Exploring the common challenges and pitfalls.
  • The legal processes to be followed.
  • How to manage redundancies internally
  • What are the alternatives to redundancy?
  • Managing the expectations and emotions of employees during a redundancy process.
  • The issues that employees need to be aware of.
  • How to cope mentally and physically if you are made redundant.
  • Diversifying and transferring skills
  • Making yourself stand out in the job market

Please join Steven, along with Reyhana Jano (HR Consultant and Organisational Psychologist) from Constantia Consulting and Kate Bishop (Performance and Career Coach) of Kate Bishop Coaching at 11am to 12noon on Wednesday 16 September.

To register your free place please click on the link below:-