I paid the second home stamp duty and I have now sold my previous main residence. How do I claim the SDLT refund due to me?


A claim will need to submitted to HMRC within 3 months of the completion date of the sale or within one year of the date on which the stamp duty was filed on the purchase whichever comes later. The form is completed online and submitted by post to HMRC. There will be certain information required in order for the claim to be submitted and this information can be provided by the conveyancers who acted for you at the time of the purchase.

HMRC aim to process the repayment within 15 working days from the date they receive all the information which is requested in the form. If the claim is unsuccessful, HMRC will issue a letter explaining the reasons why.

Here is a link to the claim form for stamp duty refunds, please visit HMRC website.

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