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    The Family Law Team at Meaby&Co aims to empower you to deal with your case with confidence and dignity.

Our Family Law Department is headed by Marie Waters. Marie is a Senior Associate with more than four decades of experience.

Meaby&Co Family Law

Dealing with the fall out from the breakdown of a relationship can be very stressful and upsetting. There are so many issues to resolve and you are expected to make important decisions for your future at a time when you may feel completely overwhelmed.

The Family Law Team at Meaby&Co combines understanding with a steely determination to get our clients the best possible outcomes.

Our solicitors can help you with all issues arising out of the breakdown of a relationship.

We deal with the process of bringing your legal relationship to an end in a professional and empathetic manner.

Our Family Law solicitors are here to ensure your divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership is carried out in as timely and stress free manner as possible.

We have a proven track record in dealing with the property and financial aspects of your divorce and can help you with child and spousal maintenance, lump sum orders, property transfer orders and orders relating to pensions. For unmarried parents we are also able to assist with financial provision for children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

Cohabiting couples

Our expert Family Law solicitors help unmarried partners to deal with issues concerning jointly owned properties, such as the sale of the property or the transfer of the property to one partner, and the determination of your interest in a property. We also help to establish an interest in a property where you are not the legal owner.


For those of our clients who are parents, the welfare of their children is usually their paramount concern when a relationship breaks down. Our Family Law solicitors provide specialist representation in connection with all matters concerning children, including the arrangements for them to spend time with each parent and all other important decisions concerning their welfare, such as health and education issues.

Family agreements

Family Agreements are becoming increasingly popular now that it is more common for both parties to be financially independent and there is a desire for people to regulate their own financial affairs. People also tend to get married later when they may already have a property or other assets which they wish to protect. Others may be separated but have religious objections to divorce.

Our Family Law solicitors are sensitive to the needs of the individual and can assist with the preparation of all types of Family Law agreements, including Pre and Post-Nuptial and Civil Partnership Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Separation Agreements.

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