Don’t leave it late, don’t make them wait…

And most of all… don’t miss the filing date.

Every day businesses and individuals are threatened with legal proceedings. Quite often, that threat is ignored or it is left until a claim has been issued before Lawyers are instructed.

All too frequently, even after a claim has been served, it sits on the edge of a desk or in a pile of papers almost in the hope that ignoring it resolves it. As whimsical as that may seem, the stark reality is quite different.

If there has been a threat of litigation or you have been served with a claim, there is significant value in seeking help as early as possible.

It may be that the matter can be resolved without the need for recourse to court proceedings or it could be resolved without the need to file an Acknowledgement of Service or Defence.

It is not unusual for the costs of seeking legal advice at the outset to be far less than the costs of defending a claim which may have been avoided.

If you decide not to instruct solicitors, you should pay careful attention to the dates by which you must file documents with the court. For example, an Acknowledgement of Service must be filed within 14 days from the date of service. A defence must be filed no later than 14 days thereafter, assuming you are defending the claim.

This in essence gives you a very small window of time in order to instruct a Solicitor, obtain advice, attempt to resolve the matter through negotiation and file a defence if need be.

The consequences of filing late are draconian and could result in Judgement being entered against you.

The sooner you seek help, the most positive the outcome is likely to be.

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