Buying a Property with Solar Panels


If you are considering buying a property with solar panels you should be made aware that there are a number of legal implications and documents that will have to be obtained in respect of the installation.

If the property is in a consideration area or is a listed building, an application should have been made to the Local Planning Authority. Building Regulations consent will always be required as the panels significantly increase the weight of the roof. The structure of the roof will have to have been improved in accordance with the Building Regulations. The installation would also have to comply with Building Regulations from an electrical aspect as the panels are an electrical installation.

In many instances the panels are not owned by the homeowner but by the solar panel installer. A Lease of the roof space will have been entered into. If you are buying with the assistance of a mortgage, the solar panels could have an adverse impact on the lenders security and will therefore have to be reported to the lender. Certain requirements issued by the Council of Mortgage Lenders will apply. You will also be required to make your insurance company aware that solar panels are fitted.


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