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    Expert Legal Advice For Firms That Have Not Had Their Business Interruption Insurance Policies Paid Out By Insurers.

Our Insurance Legal Team is headed by Managing Partner Chris Waters who is vastly experienced in dealing with high value and complex litigation disputes.

Meaby&Co Solicitors is representing companies that insurers have refused to pay out for Business Interruption cover in the light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since the outbreak of the virus thousands of businesses have been told by insurers and insurance brokers that they do not have viable claims.

Our expert litigation team is helping to fight these cases to help ensure that businesses get the pay outs that they are due.

We understand that in these difficult times that many businesses are unkeen or unable to fund these cases themselves and so are taking them on a no win, no fee basis where viable.

Meaby&Co works with leading counsel that have vast experience in all insurance industry matters.

Managing Partner Chris Waters said: ‘We have seen a variety of insurance policies with Business Interruption cover that we believe should be paying out.

‘We are keen to help businesses get the money paid out that they are due under their insurance cover.

‘Very often businesses feel that it is difficult to take on large insurance companies but we are highly experienced litigators in large and complex cases which means we are expertly placed to fight your case.’

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