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Are ‘Gender critical’ beliefs a protected belief under Equality laws?

Maya Forstater worked for a charity – the Centre for Global Development (CGD) as a tax expert but was fired in March 2019 after being accused of publishing offensive tweets on social media criticising the Government’s proposals to allow people to self-identify as the opposite sex without the need for medical input. Her issue was […]

Living Will/Advanced Decision

An Advance Decision or “Living Will” is a document which states your wishes with regards to what types of treatment you do or do not wish to receive and who you would like to be consulted with regards to your medical treatment in the event that you are unable to do so yourself.   Only […]

Article: Solicitor or Barrister; which do I need?

If you have never had to instruct a lawyer before, it can be confusing knowing whether you need to speak to a solicitor or a barrister. The term “lawyer” is used to collectively describe both solicitors and barristers, both of whom are qualified and licensed Legal Practitioners, governed by regulatory bodies. The difference between Solicitors […]


As part of any case, be it bringing proceedings or defending a claim there is a very important stage involving the preparation and exchange of witness statements.  The court will give a timetable telling the parties when they are required to serve their witness evidence on their opponent and file their statements at court. Usually […]

Children Law on the Cobbles

I have been a big fan of Coronation Street, ITV’s gritty northern soap, for many years and never miss an episode. The story lines often throw up legal issues, particularly family law issues. The latest story line to do this is the story of half-siblings Max and Lily. Max is David Platt’s stepson from his […]

Changes to the Help to Buy Scheme

Help to Buy is set to undergo radical changes in April 2021. Currently, Help to Buy is available to anybody purchasing a new build home worth up to £600,000.  The scheme is not limited to first-time buyers and is also used by those looking to move home, particularly families looking to up-size and purchase a […]

Employment scapegoating

When industry regulators investigate wrong-doing by companies, it is both common and convenient for the company to attempt to deflect attention away from the directing minds of the company and point the finger only at those who have been caught perpetrating the offences. In order to limit the damage, the company will often offer up […]


It has been dubbed “the next PPI scandal” by no less than the BBC (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46279048) but an increasingly common conveyancing scenario is seeing more and more leaseholders and freeholders purchasing new homes being subjected to rising ground rent and service charges. This issue arises where a homeowner purchases a brand-new property from a developer, and […]