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Impact Investing

Recently, I spoke at the Emerging Economies Family Office Summit here in London.  The subject under debate was Impact Investing.  It certainly was a lively discussion.  Impact Investing, of course, is not a new phenomenon, the term first being coined in 2008 by the Rockefeller Foundation and I indeed agree with those that argue that […]


The religious leader or person leading the service will contact you once they have been approached by your Funeral Director/undertaker (or occasionally your solicitor) to conduct the service. They will help you plan the service but thought should be given to the following:   Points to consider:-   The appropriate hymns, pieces of music and […]

I am owed money, what do I do?

One of the most common reasons why people have disputes is because someone owes someone else money. Everyone works hard for their money and when you are owed money by someone who is refusing or failing to pay you, it is particularly distressing and can cause various problems, either personally or for a business. Perhaps […]

The current law on Flexible Working

The Current legislation governing flexible working arrangements is the Flexible Working Regulations 2014 which in turn is supported by an ACAS Code of Practice in this area aimed at ensuring that employers get it right. Before 2014, flexible working rights were limited to Parents and Carers however the 2014 Act extended these rights to all […]

How can I use a letter of wishes when writing my will?

What Is A Letter of Wishes? A letter of wishes can be used to supplement or accompany a will.  Its purpose is to guide your trustees and guardians, to ensure that your personal wishes are carried out. It can be written at the time that you make your will, or at a later date. The intention […]

Employee Handbooks

What Are Employee Handbooks? It is advisable that all companies have an Employee Handbook which details the procedures and expectations of the Company regarding specific conduct by its employees. Large parts of the Handbook will be deemed to be “non-contractual”, which means that those provisions can be varied unilaterally by the Company and so changes […]

Who Pays the Costs in Divorce Cases?

It is important to understand that there may be up to three sets of costs associated with a divorce; the costs of getting the marriage dissolved, costs relating to proceedings regarding the children and costs relating to the property and financial aspects of the divorce. The costs relating to the divorce itself are usually relatively […]

Potential Employment Law changes in the Pipeline

Employment Law Changes 2019 UK Whilst the media has been busy focusing on new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who took office on 24 July 2019, and his new Government, it has failed to notice a raft of employment law changes proposed by out-going Prime Minister Theresa May. These were proposed by her as part of […]

New Domestic Abuse Legislation

The Domestic Abuse Bill, aimed at supporting victims of domestic abuse and bringing perpetrators to justice, was introduced in Parliament on 16th July 2019. In the year ending March 2018 around 2 million adults aged 16 to 59 experienced domestic abuse in the previous year; about 2/3 of which were women. Following consultation, the government […]