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Pensions on Divorce

The Pension Advisory Group, an interdisciplinary group of family law professionals, including family law judges, barristers, solicitors and pension experts, finally published its report after two years of hard work this month. The report is intended as a best practice guide for family lawyers and covers issues such as information gathering regarding pensions, pension values, […]

Government is considering changes to the Statutory Sick Pay system

It has been reported that two million of the UK’s lowest paid workers could become eligible for statutory sick pay for the first time under Government proposals to support sick and disabled staff. This is a welcome development as vital changes need to be made to a statutory sick pay scheme that many view as […]

Is an SDLT cut imminent, or is it just political games?

The headlines have all recently been taken by the Conservative leadership battle, but in a bid to throw off the impending sense of doom that has only arisen because of the sorry prospect of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt being the next Prime minister, Boris has pledged to make a significant cut to Stamp Duty […]

HR. What does the #MeToo movement mean for its employees?

Human Resources as a department, has historically, notionally existed to support both its employer and their employees equally. It is a common perception by employees that its support is not applied even-handedly, instead being tilted more towards the interests of the employer rather than the employee. The reality is that the possibility of an employee […]

Fathers to benefit from improvements to paid paternity leave?

It has been reported in the press that outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May has proposed offering fathers 12 weeks’ paid paternity leave.  This is part of a series of legacy policies that she hopes to implement before she leaves office. If implemented it has been suggested that the first four weeks would be payable at […]

We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

You’ve booked the holiday, ordered the foreign currency and packed the sun tan lotion, but have you checked the formalities for taking your children abroad? You must have the permission of everyone with Parental Responsibility before you take a child abroad. If you don’t, you are committing the offence of child abduction. The only exception […]

Should I amend my Will after a divorce?

If you are in the process of divorcing your spouse or civil partner, then you should be aware of the effect that divorce will have on your Will. Whereas a marriage will automatically revoke any Will that you had previously made, a divorce will only affect the clauses dealing with your soon to be ex-spouse […]

Tenant Fees – The changes Landlords need to know

On 1 June 2019 the Tenant Fees Act 2019 (‘TFA 2019’) came into power changing the fees landlords or letting agents are permitted to charge tenants. The TFA 2019 marks the end of upfront fees and costs that were typically recovered from tenants by landlords and letting agents when renting a property. Below we set […]