ACAS confirms a hike in Employment Tribunal claims

ACAS has confirmed that there has been a 39% hike in the number of employment tribunal claims being issued in the last financial year.

It’s annual report reveals that in the last financial year for 2017/18  26,012 cases were filed with the employment tribunal compared to 18,647 for the period 2016/17.

In addition, applications for ACAS Early Conciliation jumped from 1,700 per week to 2,200 immediately after employment tribunal fees were abolished after being declared unlawful last July by the Supreme Court.

ACAS has also confirmed that it has helped to settle around 92% of workplace disputes avoiding employment tribunal proceedings in more than  70% of cases.  This proves that mandatory ACAS Early Conciliation is a useful and effective tool in reducing the number of claims going through the system.

The Ministry of Justice has also confirmed that single employment tribunal claims that have been received have increased by 118% between January and March 2018, although the number of multiple claims fell by 40%.

It was also noted that fees had been returned to 7,700 Claimants totalling some £6.5million.

It is however highly noticeable that the Employment Tribunal service continues to suffer both administrative and judicial under-resourcing leading to a significant number of claims being delayed in being issued combined with many cases being adjourned at short notice.  This clearly is not good for the Claimant’s seeking justice .

We are however pleased to hear that the Judicial Appointments Commission is seeking to appoint 54 new employment judges which we hope will reduce the backlog of claims going through the system.

If you have any employment related enquiries then please contact Steven Eckett, Senior Associate and Head of Employment at Meaby&Co.

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