Meaby&Co give expert legal opinion on the rights of Amazon delivery drivers.

Meaby&Co was recently asked to give expert legal opinion on the rights of Amazon delivery drivers as part of a front page newspaper story.

Our Head of Employment Steven Eckett was extensively quoted throughout the Sunday Mirror newspaper article which revealed how agency drivers delivering Amazon parcels are not getting their full workers’ rights because they are classified as ‘self-employed’.

The newspaper investigation claimed that the agency drivers work for up to 12 hours per shift despite the UK law saying that drivers should not be on duty for more than 11 hours a day. It also claimed that drivers were having to deliver up to 200 parcels a day and were so pushed for time that they were breaking the speeding limit.

Steven said: ‘These workers deliver Amazon packages, collected from an Amazon depot and are given a route designed by Amazon. They are Amazon workers in all but name.

“But Amazon are trying to distance themselves from the workers to circumvent employment law. This needs to be challenged.”

The story and Steven’s quotes were picked up by several other newspaper outlets.

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