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Property Litigation

What is Property Litigation?

Property litigation is a specialist area of law that deals with disputes relating to property of all kinds. Disputes and disagreements may arise at any time, perhaps during a sale, or as a result of a successful planning application. Sadly they are a fact of life, they are part and parcel of owning or occupying property.

I think I have a property dispute, what should I do?

Whatever the dispute, whether it relates to a boundary, an eviction or a right of way, our advice is always the same, do not to take matters in to your own hands, in the first instance always seek legal advice, even if it is to just get a sense check.

Meaby & Co has a team of lawyers that specialises in property disputes. Most disputes can be resolved through mediation therefore avoiding the need to go to court but that is not always the case. Occasionally a dispute becomes so serious that litigation cannot be avoided. If, that is the case we have the expertise and experience to see the matter all the way through to its conclusion.

Examples of the kinds of disputes our team has dealt with are:

  • Adverse possession claims
  • Appointment of residential property managers
  • Boundary, party wall and neighbour disputes
  • Conveyancing disputes
  • Disputed leasehold enfranchisement and lease extension claims
  • Enforcement of mortgages
  • Possession claims –residential and commercial property
  • Property related negligence claims against solicitors, builders and surveyors
  • Property related insolvency
  • Rent and service charge recovery and disputes
  • Repossession of property
  • Rights of way, rights of light and easements and other real estate disputes
  • Squatter eviction

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