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Power of attorney

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document, drawn up by a solicitor, that allows someone you trust, to make decisions for you, or act on your behalf: if you’re not available to do so, are no longer able to so, or if you no longer want to make your own decisions. A power of attorney can cover all of your affairs, or it can limited to a specific area.

Powers of attorney are useful in many circumstances where may be unable to manage your affairs, for example:

  • Signing documents on the sale of a house if you expect to be out of the country at the relevant time.
  • During Short term illness or incapacity, perhaps if you are in hospital you may decide that you need help with everyday things such as making sure your bills are paid.

Lasting power of attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are essential if you know that in the future you will become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs, due to illness, injury or old age.

Drawing up a power of attorney at the right time ensures that  bills can paid, and when it becomes necessary property can be sold and decisions made on your behalf by somebody that you trust.

A power of attorney can also restrict the power that you give to your attorney, and can be drafted in such a way that it will only come into force in the event that you lose your mental capacity.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs) can also be used to make decisions about your health and welfare.

An LPA is something that should be considered at the time you are making your will.

You might also want to find out more about the related areas of Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian and Deputyship applications.

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