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Dealing with the fall out from the breakdown of a relationship can be very stressful and upsetting. There are so many issues to resolve and you are expected to make important decisions for your future at a time when you feel completely overwhelmed. The Family Law Team at Meaby & Co aims to empower you to deal with the process with confidence and dignity.

We will always try to resolve matters by agreement in the first instance. We will recommend family dispute resolution methods and make referrals for you in appropriate circumstances. We will only ever use court proceedings as a last resort.

Here are some of the things we may be able to help you with:-

Children Matters – resolving issues concerning how the children should spend time with their parents, disputes regarding parental responsibility, children’s names, whether a parent should be permitted to take a child out of the jurisdiction, educational issues.

Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships – taking formal steps to bring the relationship to an end.

Domestic Violence – taking steps to protect yourself and to regulate the occupation of the family home.

Property and Financial Matters – applications for financial remedies within divorce proceedings, arrangements for the financial support of children, disputes between partners relating to jointly owned properties and other assets.

Family Agreements – the negotiation and preparation of Cohabitation Agreements, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements.

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