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Family mediation is an alternative method to the traditional court process to enable a separating/divorcing couple to make their own decisions for the future. It can be used to resolve almost any issue, but is most commonly used to resolve the arrangements for the children, and property and financial matters.

Many couples find that mediation is a more appropriate way of resolving these issues than litigation, and it can also be quicker and more cost effective. Couples who have managed to resolve their arrangements in mediation tend to feel better about the outcome, than those who have engaged in litigation. They are much more likely to be able to maintain a friendly relationship, or where that is not possible, a civil relationship, than those who have been to court. That is particularly important where there are children.

Joanna Toloczko, who leads our Family Law Team, is a Resolution-trained mediator and is accredited under the Law Society’s Family Mediation Scheme.

Family mediation is not suitable in all cases (for example, those involving domestic violence or child protection issues). Where it is appropriate, Joanna can work closely with couples to find a cost-effective, confidential and tailored solution which will avoid the financial and emotional stresses of the court process.

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