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Employment Law Advice for Employees

If you decide to contact us looking for advice about an Employment Law issue, we understand that it is personal. We know that your priorities are to safeguard your future, your career and your livelihood, our priority is to give you the advice and support you need.

How we help employees

We have a team of specialist employment law solicitors, all have the necessary experience across the full range of employment law issues to ensure the advice you get is up to date. We have a proven track record in achieving successful outcomes in complex employment matters, including unfair dismissal and discrimination cases.

We also advise on grievances, redundancy issues and individual and team moves to a competitor, where we can advise on the enforceability of restrictive covenants and act in any subsequent litigation.

We advise clients on wide range of workplacelaw issues including:

Unfair and wrongful dismissals,

Bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunals and Civil Courts

Unlawful Discrimination,

Team and personnel moves,


Employment contracts and Staff Handbooks,

Bonus claims, pay disputes, and TUPE matters,

Settlement Agreements.

Please give the team a call. We’ll be glad to explore how our services might be useful to you.
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