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Disputes involving personal situations are disruptive, upsetting and can become disproportionately emotional. Often personal disputes involve family owned businesses, family trusts, jointly owned property, farms, challenges to wills, disputes between neighbours or the knock on effects of divorces, fraud or dishonesty by colleagues.

The dispute resolution team at Meaby & Co can help. The team provides practical and cost effective advice. The aim is always to resolve disputes without going to court, because that’s better for everyone, and we’re practiced experts in arbitration and mediation processes.

When a resolution just isn’t possible our team works with you through the court process. The aim will still be to resolve things as quickly and effectively as possible.

We can deal with the resolution of any dispute including:


Examples of Personal Disputes are:

  • Boundary and property disagreements
  • Cases against banks and pensions companies
  • Claims against a contractor or builder
  • Claims on the estate of someone who has passed away
  • Conflicts with retailers, suppliers or service providers
  • Debt and loan recovery
  • Defending a local authority noise or other Environmental Protection Act case
  • Disputes with a landlord or a local authority
  • Mediation
  • Party Wall Act cases
  • Personal injunctions to prevent stalking and harassment
  • Problems with contracts (employment and others)
  • Professional negligence (medical negligence, solicitors, surveyors, accountants or others)

What should I do if I am involved in a personal dispute?

Becoming involved in some sort of personal dispute can be a stressful. Tactics, costs and procedures are usually unfamiliar territory, and that’s why it’s good to get a specialist dispute resolution lawyer involved as early as you can.

What about Costs?

We understand that you will need to know about the costs involved in resolving a dispute. We make a promise to all our clients that we will be clear and upfront about our fees. We want you to understand exactly what we’ll charge and what you will get for your money. Depending on the matter we may be able to consider a fixed fee, or a no win, no fee arrangement – it depends on the type of dispute you are involved in.  Whichever yours is suited to, you will know from the outset where you stand, and there won’t be any surprises along the way.

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