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Family Law
Civil partnerships have been possible in England and Wales since December 2005 and same sex marriages since March 2014. Our family law team can help you with the preparation of Pre- Civil Partnership or Pre-Nuptial Agreements at the beginning of your legal relationship.
Although the principles and procedure for dissolution and divorce are very similar to those for divorce of opposite sex couples, there are some important differences. Our family law team is alert to those differences. Our family team is also aware of the different relationship models which may exist among the LGBT community and will deal with your case with sensitivity.
There are often special legal considerations with regard to the children of LGBT relationships as there may be parties outside the relationship involved. Alternatively, a non-biological parent may wish to establish a formal legal relationship with their child. Our team is able to provide specialist advice in this area.

Employment Law
The Employment Team at Meaby & Co have an abundance of experience in advising both individuals and businesses within the LGBT community.

For individuals we advise sensitively on unlawful discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender reassignment, and marital status in addition to the other protected characteristics in law such as disability and age.

Even though the legal rights of LGBT people have been greatly improved in recent years it is still an unfortunate fact that discriminatory practices in the workplace still continue. Our mission is to seek to protect individuals who are having a difficult time at work and in the most serious situations to seek justice and compensation.

For businesses we recognise that there are many good employers out there who embrace diversity and inclusivity and who want to ensure that they adopt best practices and have the best policies in place to ensure equality of treatment for all of their employees including their LGBT employees. We can provide a range of services to include updating policies and procedures fit for the 21st century, as well as advising on specific workplace issues involving LGBT issues and rights, with the aim of minimising overall legal risk.

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