What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring a property from a seller to a buyer. 

Who will carry out my conveyancing if I instruct you?

One of our experienced solicitors will have overall responsibility for your matter and will be assisted by a team of individuals to ensure that you receive a high level of service at all times. 

What will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on various issues including the complexity of the matter, whether the property is freehold or leasehold and value. If you would like a no obligation breakdown of costs please go to our Fees section of this web site. 

Are the costs likely to increase?

Generally no. Sometimes, if a matter becomes very protracted or complex, then we may need to charge additional fees. In the unlikely event of this becoming necessary we will advise you of this during the transaction. 

Do I have to pay anything up front?

Yes we require payments on account of 300 in respect of purchases and remortgages and 100 on account of sales. 

Can I make payments with credit or debit card?

Yes you can do this via our Instruct us now page on this website. Please note however that a fee of 2.6% will be charged on most credit cards. Payments of deposit monies can be made by direct bank transfer to our client account. We would remind clients that when buying with a mortgage any borrowed money such as from a credit card, which is going towards the purchase of a property, would need to be declared to the mortgage company. 

How do I instruct you?

You can instruct us by telephone, or you can call us to arrange a consultation. 

How long will it take?

For most freehold transactions approximately 6-8 weeks. Leasehold matter can take longer as there are third parties involved. The timing will also depend on the length of the chain and individual requirements. 

Should I arrange a survey?

We always advise clients to arrange surveys which can be done through the mortgage company or by using an independent surveyor. 

Will I need to arrange insurance?

Unless the property is leasehold yes you will need to arrange buildings insurance from exchange of contracts. This can be arranged through your mortgage company or independently. You will also need to arrange suitable contents insurance from completion. 

How much deposit do I have to pay?

Usually 10% on exchange of contracts. A seller will sometimes accept less than this but if a buyer defaults and fails to complete then the full 10% deposit will be due to the seller. 

When will I need my deposit?

We need to be holding this in order to exchange contracts. We will contact you prior to this to make the arrangements. 

Where will I get the keys on completion?

You will pick these up from the selling estate agent. 

If I am due money back on completion how will I receive this?

We can arrange a direct bank transfer so that any money due to you on completion arrives in your account on the same day (time permitting).