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Partnership  Disputes

Partnership disputes arising in traditional partnerships and LLPs happen more often than you might think and for a variety of reasons.  Sadly such disputes can be expensive, time consuming and destructive; not to mention unpleasant for all parties involved.

Managing a Partnership Dispute

If you find yourself managing a dispute within your partnership, or if you are in dispute with your partners, the first thing to do is take professional legal advice. Understanding the legal position is important, as it is key to avoiding doing anything which may compromise the position of the partnership or your position.  In our experience most partnership disputes, if they are dealt with in a timely fashion can be settled without the need for litigation.

Avoiding Partnership Disputes

Preparation, preparation, preparation: ensure that the proper provisions and procedures are in place from the outset. Review your partnership agreement at appropriate intervals.

How Can Meaby & Co Help?

When you contact Meaby & Co. for advice in relation to a partnership dispute our focus will be on helping the parties settle matters in the best way possible way. Where appropriate we advise resolving disputes by mediation or by arbitration.

We advise partnerships, LLPs as well as individual partners and LLP members. Our advice is always, pragmatic, commercial and client focused.

We can help you make sure that the proper provisions and procedures are in place from the outset, and advise on disputes that arise during the course of business: be it actions against partners for breach of terms of partnership agreement or statutory or fiduciary duty.

We also provide assistance to partners leaving a partnership arrangement, advising on their rights and entitlements as partners, or in defending breach of duty proceedings.

Our specialist lawyers are well versed in the issues affecting partnerships and LLPs and we only offer our clients commercially-focused pragmatic advice on a range of matters. These include:

  • drafting and interpreting LLP and Partnership Agreements
  • restructuring 
  • compulsory retirement rights and procedures
  • rights on retirement generally
  • discrimination issues
  • compensation and bonus disputes
  • team moves

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