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Meaby & Co Business Legal Services

Business Legal Services

Meaby & Co work with business owners and managers across the UK and internationally. We provide legal advice and representation on a variety of areas including:

Today more than ever before business owners and managers are operating in a world of ever-increasing legislation and regulatory requirements. Businesses that fail to implement the required changes to their practices and procedures may be liable to prosecution or a claim. Regulators and those who have suffered losses are often prepared to take action against the company and its directors.

Prevention is better than cure

At Meaby & Co we prefer to work alongside our corporate clients in partnership with the management team.  Drawing on our expertise, we can advise not only on the current challenges to your business but also on future issues that are likely to affect it. Effective scenario planning blended with good legal advice will make a significant contribution to the positive performance of your business.

We advise all businesses from start-ups to more established companies.


From time to time you may have a dispute with either a customer, suppliers, bank or advisers. Meaby & Co specialise in resolving commercial disputes, preferably through mediation or arbitration but when all other routes to resolution are exhausted through litigation. Where a dispute cannot be resolved and it results in litigation, we have the expertise, in house, to follow the matter all the way through to its end.


We have a wealth of experience particularly in relation to matters which are complex, high value and have an international element to them. We have conducted work for our clients in Asia, USA, Caribbean, Morocco, India, UAE and Republic of Ireland. Our team are experts in mediation and arbitration both in the United Kingdom and Internationally.


We offer a range of unique funding options tailor made to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Dependant upon as assessment of your case, we are able to offer the following funding options:-

  • Damages Based Agreement
  • Conditional Fee Agreement both standard and hybrid
  • Third Party Funding
  • Fixed-Fees
  • Structured staged payments

For further information you can contact our specialist Business Legal Services Solicitors on 020 7703 5034

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