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Meaby & Co pleased to host the British Irish Chamber of Commerce

Meaby & Co were delighted to host the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and its members for a networking lunch at our Soho offices on Tuesday 9 October 2018. John McGrane, Director General of the Chamber spoke to a packed room of existing, new and prospective members of the BICC about the recent developments in […]

The Law Commission publishes its consultation paper on “Leasehold home ownership: buying your freehold or extending your lease”

Life may become easier for leaseholders to buy their freeholds or extend their leases. Following several months of review, the Law Commission is proposing reform to the existing legislation in England and Wales in an effort to provide a better deal for leaseholders as consumers. The Commission’s proposals address concerns of unfairness, inconsistency, complexity and […]

What is Legal Professional Privilege and how can it protect me?

Legal Professional Privilege refers to Legal Advice Privilege and Litigation Privilege. It attaches to communications between a solicitor and client, and its purpose is to protect the client (and not the lawyer). It can attach to communications between the lawyer and a third party in certain circumstances, such as reports prepared on instruction in the […]

Can I amend my will after it has been signed?

Any will can be amended after it has been signed, but it is important that this is done in the right way.   It might be that a last minute change is made to a will before a person passes away, or the testator might write a quick letter setting out an additional asset which should […]

Dealing with digital assets in wills and probate

The majority of the population now have a range of smart phone devices, laptops and social media accounts, all with their own passwords, and mostly containing digital records such as photographs and music.  Personal information is shared on “the cloud” and uploaded to a variety of different websites.  The question is how should these assets […]

Ensuring your new property is adequately insured.

Most residential sale and purchase contracts incorporate the Standard Conditions of Sale (5th Edition). Under standard condition 5, the property is at the risk of the Buyer from the date of exchange of contracts. If you are purchasing a property where this standard condition applies and has not been varied in the contract, you must […]

Divorce Reform

The family law world has welcomed news that the justice secretary, David Gauke is preparing a consultation on the reform of divorce law. Currently, if couples who have not been separated for a minimum period of two years, wish to divorce, one of them must issue divorce proceedings against the other on the basis of […]

What do I do if one of my employees raises a grievance?

The number of employment tribunal claims being issued by disgruntled employees is currently on the rise following the abolition of employment tribunal fees – declared unlawful last year.  Similarly this is also leading to an increase in the number of grievances being raised by employees in the workplace, sometimes as a prelude to issuing legal […]